Good Shepherd Mission – Our calling.

The cry of the Dalits is for freedom. Their cry, and that of all oppressed peoples, is reminiscent of the cry of the nation of Israel from their captivity. This earnest plea is an appeal for massive social, moral and spiritual change. It is a call to rid their world of the oppression of caste ideology. It is a demand for simple human dignity.

God has heard their cry. November 2001 in New Delhi marked a turning point that lives fresh in my memory. Udit Raj borrowed from Moses in the book of Exodus when he declared to the nation of India: “Let my people go!”

Four current realities in modern India prompt this freedom cry:

Oppression of Women

Modern Slavery

Economic Discrimination

Rampant Poverty

“I have good news for the poor; freedom for the prisoners; deliverance for the oppressed; and sight for the blind.” Luke 4:18

We are called to:

Free a Dalit woman through empowerment

Free a Dalit child through education

Free a Dalit community through transformation

Christ loves sinners. Christ loves the outcastes, the marginalized, the women and the girls, and anybody who feels they are exploited. The Bible is very clear, that is our God. God has problems with the self-righteous. He has problems with the rich who do not share. He has problems with the Christian or non-Christian rulers who exploit the poor. We are Christ followers and we love those that Christ loves.

This is the calling of the Good Shepherd Church of India.