Good Shepherd Healthcare

Jesus loves our bodies, minds and spirits. Jesus heals in answer to prayers and through use of modern medicine. GS Health Initiative follows a long tradition of the Church’s involvement in medicine and healthcare. Community healthcare and preventative intervention in health issues is strategic for poor and marginalized communities.

Community Health Workers (CHW) have been appointed in Good Shepherd Schools across India, who play a major role in delivering health care to the students in the schools, monitoring their growth chart, providing vitamin tablets, personal care, etc.

Community Health Workers

Training programs are organized as well as a refresher course for earlier employed staff. Joint training programs for new CHWs with mentors are conducted. New healthcare workers are promoted as healthcare mentors, keeping in view of their performance and experience, and the need of mentoring support at field level for other health workers. The CHW-mentor will be responsible for traveling to the CHW’s within their region to encourage them, to provide more training, to develop their skills and knowledge, to oversee, to monitor the work, and to report progress. Many of the Good Shepherd Schools are participating in a supplementary nutrition program to assist and help the children to develop better health in the schools. Supplementary meals include bananas, boiled eggs, upma, milk, multigrain and fruits. Over 45 schools have implemented this program in the schools and another 22 more schools are in the process of implementing it in 2012. The students are happy to be a part of this program which has led to measurable increased health.

Supplementary Nutrition Program Health Bringing Hope

Ramesh, a Class 3 student, tells his story with tears in his eyes. When he was young, his father died due to HIV/ AIDS. After his father’s death, his mother came to know that she too was HIV infected and became depressed.

The news threw her into a world of shattered hope, assailing doubts, rejection and embarrassment. She thought of dying, but decided to live for her children’s sake. She approached a government hospital, where she received a limited supply of free medical treatment. Ramesh was not accepted in any schools, but when Good Shepherd School came to know about him, the school admitted him without any hesitation. He says, “The orphanage gave me food and shelter, but Good Shepherd School gave me hope.” He continued, “…because of Good Shepherd School, I have hope.”

The school’s Community Health Worker is also working with the family to give Ramesh’s mother continuing treatment for HIV/AIDS and emotional counseling during this time of great need.