Good Shepherd Economic Development

Economic sustainability is crucial to human dignity. The right to work is a fundamental biblical right. This is critical to freedom from all forms of slavery.

Livelihood Augmentation Management Program (LAMP)

There are nearly 2,000 LAMP Groups nationwide involving 23,000 women across India. There are 1,100 active LAMP Credits which vary from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 20,000. These programs are overseen by 26 LAMP Officers. The LYDIA training centers offer vocational training to women, helping them to learn a trade, then market their business in a sustainable manner. LYDIA has already undertaken the project of producing 24,000 uniforms for the schools and our Supply Offices have undertaken all purchases and printing of notebooks and other textbooks for the Good Shepherd Schools.

Over 23,000 Women enrolled in 2,000 LAMP groups in 64 locations in 15 states.

OMIF’s Economic Development initiatives seek to rebuild the community around Good Shepherd Schools. These initiatives are called the Livelihood Augmentation Management Program (LAMP) locally and include LAMP Groups (Self Help Groups) and LAMP Credits (Micro-Credit/Micro-Finance). The goal of this program is to give dignity to people by providing opportunities for them to improve their livelihood through skills training, education and employment.


Chinnaponnu, a 28-year-old physically-challenged woman, comes from a Dalit family background. Her three younger sisters and one brother were married earlier in life. Since she had been handicapped from childhood, no one came forward to marry her and she was left to live with her aged parents. She struggled to take care of the home with the small income she earned from stitching clothes with an old tailoring machine. When she heard about OMIF’s LAMP groups, she joined. She received a loan of Rs. 5,000 to buy a new sewing machine. Now with the new machine, she stitches clothes and earns Rs. 250 to 300 every day. With the income she earned, she also was able to set up a mobile phone recharge center which has brought more income for her. She has been appointed as the leader of her LAMP group and her confidence is growing.