Good Shepherd Anti-Trafficking

The Scandal of Dalit Trafficking and Slavery in India For thousands of years India’s Dalits (Untouchables) have been subjected to discrimination, abuse and injustice. Today, up to half of all those trafficked or in modern slavery around the world may well be Dalits in India.

OMIF aims to raise awareness and increase understanding of a complex subject. Above all it is a call to action to challenge this gross injustice and human rights abuse.

Good Shepherd Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative strives to combat the issue of human trafficking by providing quality anti-trafficking models of care across the spectrum of rescue, relief and rehabilitation, as well as prevention, protection and prosecution.

The Joginis

For at least 2,000 years, young Hindu girls and women have been dedicated to the Hindu goddess Yellamma as part of the ancient Devadasi practice. There are around 100,000 Joginis in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Though the practice of dedication is more rurally oriented, there are around 200 Joginis who have migrated to Hyderabad city to practice the age-old system.

Problems Joginis Face

Low self-esteem due to continuous exploitation.

Often subjected to physical violence by their clients and family members.

Prone to health hazards due to the system.

Due to economic vulnerability, women in the Jogini System and their female children are more vulnerable to human trafficking.

Children of women in the Jogini system are denied identity and education, making them vulnerable to exploitation.

Activities & Programs


  • Pratigya Bhavan: Shelter Home for Girls.
  • Jogini Prevention and Awareness Programs.
  • Beauty Parlour: Livelihood Augmentation Program.
  • Legal / Advocacy addressing trafficking.
  • Tarika Shelter and Rehabilitation Centre for young women.



  • Identified most problematic 10 Mandals and 100 villages. Selection of staff.
  • Conducting Medical Camps at identified Mandals
  • Conducting Network meeting at state level with Police, Government officers, lawyers, NGOs and Activists all over state of Andhra Pradesh
  • Conducting awareness meetings on abolition of Jogini dedications and building leadership among Joginis
  • Forming Joginis 100 Village Committee, 10 Mandals Committee and District Committee
  • Conducting Camp offices at Jataras



  • Abolish new dedications in the Jogini system.
  • Conduct Awareness Programs on the Jogini system.
  • Networking on State, District and Mandal levels.
  • Link Joginis with Government Programs.
  • Improve Joginis’ children’s education.