Good Shepherd Advocacy

Justice and reconciliation is the goal of advocacy through legal and governmental processes. Abiding by every law and understanding all rights given by the government we honor our nation’s commitment to do what is right by all its citizens.

We are here to help the civil authorities identify injustices and correct the issues facing those unjustly oppressed, denied their human rights, beaten, imprisoned or otherwise persecuted.

There are two main ways we are the voice for the voiceless:

  • Our legislative work with the government helps raise awareness of the oppression, discrimination, and violence that Dalits face. In raising awareness, we are then able to put a spotlight on the Dalit plight so that government officials are aided in their abilities to help with focus and attention right where it counts.
  • We stand up for human rights and against persecution through the legal court system. When a church is burned down or a pastor is beaten, we are there to stand up for them and fight for their rights in that pastor’s local court. Working with police, government officials and within their judicial system we are able to lift our brothers and sisters up and stand by them in times of trouble.

Our advocacy initiatives honor both the legal system of India and the wishes of our government officials for free will and dignity for all Indian citizens. We stand alongside in unity with our courts and government leadership fighting for these human rights.