Good Shepherd Faith – What we believe.

The Good Shepherd Church movement emerged in response to the Dalit cry for the spiritual rights denied them by caste.

Thus the Good Shepherd Church movement asserts the following truths from the Bible:

We believe that all human beings are created in the image of God and therefore are equal.

We believe that the redemptive work of Christ restores our full humanity. That restoration includes the spiritual, the physical, and the social. It calls for the ‘full reclamation of human personality’ for every human being and reinstates all that was lost due to the fall.

We believe that this is possible through the Spirit’s empowering presence and power in our lives. It springs from a knowledge of the living God in Christ.

We believe that this Kingdom transformation of human life enters society at its deepest point of need. It addresses all of the following: the plight of children, the plight of women, the plight of the Dalits and low caste peoples, the plight of the oppressors who traffic in evil, the economic conditions that degrade, the injustice that inflicts not just India but the whole world. It will remake a society that ignores sin, denies right and wrong and has lost its moral compass.

We believe God’s Kingdom activity in the world is incomplete if it is only about personal sin and individual forgiveness. It must also involve the transforming power of God to renew entire communities, addressing their social sin and systemic evil.

We believe God’s salvation is incomplete when it over-emphasizes the next life over this present life. God came to give us life before death as much as life after death. The God who is not present in this life will be the God who is absent in the next life. God’s salvation is both present and future.