The Good Shepherd Church of India & Good Shepherd Community Churches

The Good Shepherd Church, headquartered in Hyderabad, is an episcopal governed and theologically evangelical church movement with over 3,500 congregations across 25 states of India that reaches out in Christ’s incredible love in India and around the world.

Named after the Chief Shepherd and the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd Church reaches out in Jesus’ compassion regardless of race, caste, gender and nationality. Following the example of Christ, Good Shepherd Church has a bias toward the poor, the downtrodden, the marginalized and the outcastes of society. The Church believes Jesus died for the sins of the whole world and for their salvation. It is firmly committed to the “imago Dei” (Image of God) in every human being, male and female.

The Good Shepherd Church of India knows that there are great challenges and needs in India and around the world. It will continue to be a transforming Church movement. It will continue to expand its institutions in the fields of education, healthcare, economic development, advocacy, anti-trafficking, and faith communities.