Dr Joseph D’souza Bishop Moderator, The Good Shepherd Church and Associated Ministries

Dr. Dsouza is the Bishop and Moderator of the Good Shepherd Church of India and it’s associated ministries with healthcare, education, advocacy, economic development and faith community programs in every state of India. He is also the founder and international president of the Dalit movement with associates in over 25 nations that is an inter-caste and inter-racial alliance that works on behalf of the Dalits and other marginalized groups. He also leads the ecumenical All India Christian Council in India working closely and with respect for his fellow Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and other faith community leaders as he believes in religious freedom for all.

His passion is as he says “I love India and I love Jesus Christ and there is no contradiction between the two loves.” He is dedicated to societal transformation that addresses both spiritual and social needs of the downtrodden, forgotten, oppressed, marginalized and all those needing help.

Bishop D’souza’s is a noted author and speaker with books, articles and appearances internationally including the Asian News Service, BBC, CNN, National Public Radio (USA), New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. His most noted best-selling books are Dalit Freedom Now and Forever and On the Side of Angels.